Information for Savvy Drivers: SYNC 3 Infotainment

The Ford SYNC 3 Infotainment system is a great revelation for drivers on the go. It has many features that serve to make life easier and make driving more fun. The best part is that you can come try it out and decide if it is for you.

Apps are all the rage these days, so the SYNC 3 Infotainment system comes built with the FordPass Connect App to connect to your phone. The smart software will allow you to control the head unit wirelessly and remotely. You can even stream your best songs through Bluetooth.

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Good Tire Tread Can Stop You Up to 10 Car Lengths Sooner

When you hit your brakes, there's no scarier feeling than not stopping like you're supposed to. More than just your brakes play an important role in how your vehicle stops. Having good tread on your tires is vitally important to the safety of you and your vehicle. Whether you're driving in rain, wind, sun, or snow, you want to keep your grip on the road. Having good tire tread decreases your chances of hydroplaning or losing traction.

Tire Tread Safety Fact

When traveling at highway speeds such a 60 miles per hour, if the road is wet…
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Traveling Safe With Your Four-Legged Friend

It can be a lot of fun to travel with your furry companion, but just as you need to pack what you need, you also need to bring a few things for your pet. Some things to bring can include a leash and collar so your pet can take bathroom breaks, bottled water, a portable water dish, and some food and treats.

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Develop Exciting New Skills at the Ford Driving Schools

Do you own a Ford Raptor, Focus RS, Focus ST, Fiesta ST or Shelby GT350/R? If so, you should definitely consider signing up for one of the courses offered at the Ford Performance Racing School. There, you'll find a team of professional drivers waiting to teach you the skills you need to dominate off-road situations, drift like a pro and even tear up the racetrack.


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Should I Avoid Routine Maintenance According to My Vehicle's Maintenance Schedule?

To put it simply, you should never avoid having your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance adds life to your car, and today's cars can easily make it to 250,000 miles and beyond. Many people view the manufacturer's maintenance schedule as a recommendation, and these people avoid the routine services laid out for their car or truck. A recent survey found that nearly 84 percent of cars on the road require some form of maintenance outlined within their car's schedule.

The maintenance schedule helps your car last, but it also makes…
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