Powertrain Warranties

There was a time when manufacturers guaranteed their vehicles to last for a specific amount of time. Guarantees became impossible as factories grew in number and the assembly line became more complicated. So, innovative companies developed a plan where the customer would pay for a guarantee. They called it a warranty. Eventually, these warranties became specific.

The powertrain warranty covers specific items along the chain of propulsion in a vehicle. The internal parts of an engine are covered as well as the parts inside a transmission. The coverage includes replacement or repair of parts and the labor costs involved. Axles and differentials are also covered. Some warranties cover wheel ball bearings and gasket or seal failures. Often powertrain warranties will not cover leaks. Make sure you know the limitations of your powertrain warranty; read the fine print of your contract.

Scott Peterson Motors of Sturgis LLC in Sturgis, SD handles a variety of warranty issues for the vehicles we sell.

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