What Motor Oil Myths Have You Heard?

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, you need to know what information you have heard is true and what is a myth. It is important for you to be able to figure out what motor oil advice you have heard is actually fiction.

You might have heard that you for sure need to change your oil before heading out on a road trip of any kind. That is only true if you are going to be due for an oil change while you are gone. If not, there is no reason to change the oil before your trip. You may have heard that black oil is bad and needs to be changed. That is not always the case, as oil will turn black due to the job that it is doing.

Our service center here at Scott Peterson Motors of Sturgis can help you figure out what you should and should not believe when it comes to motor oil. We are here to serve the Sturgis, SD area with information and with oil change services.

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