Tech That Adds Convenience to the Ford Escape

When you are shopping for a new crossover you need to make sure it has all the technology you want it to have. The Ford Escape is full of tech that will make your daily commute in Sturgis, SD a breeze.

One technology that we know you will love is the adaptive cruise control. This system is perfect for dealing with rush hour traffic as it can automatically bring the Escape to a complete stop. Once traffic starts moving again the Escape will resume your normal cruising speed. Another great system found on the Escape is Active Park Assist 2.0. This system can help you park the Escape as long as the parking space is big enough for the Escape. This system takes all of the guesswork out of parallel parking or backing into a parking spot.

If you want to test out these awesome tech systems, you can stop by Scott Peterson Motors of Sturgis LLC and get behind the wheel of the Escape. Our team can help you explore all of the tech found in the Ford Escape.

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