As a subcompact car with four doors, the Ford Fiesta is a suitable option for urban-minded families in Sturgis, SD. Scott Peterson Motors of Sturgis LLC praises this efficient model that's available as a sedan or hatchback.

Engineered for efficiency on urban roads, a 1.6 L engine block seems like a great fit for the small Fiesta. A classic I-4 layout and the Ti-VCT technology are some of the design highlights of the naturally aspirated powertrain. The peak ratings of this compact gas engine are 120 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque. When slapped with the EcoBoost emblem, the 1.6 L turbo engine generates an additional 77 hp and 90 lb-ft. Direct injection forces premium unleaded gas into the turbo powertrain.

This nimble Ford car gets good support from a twist-beam rear suspension system. Front disc brakes and drum rear brakes stop the lightweight car on demand. You'll also be in total control thanks to the electric power-assisted steering system.

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