The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Van Keeps Passengers Safe and Aware

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Van is a roomy and safety conscious vehicle. This large and comfortable passenger van has plenty of power under the hood and room in the rear for luggage and other items. That's not all, because this popular vehicle includes many tools that are designed to ensure passenger and driver safety. The safety tools include passenger enveloping airbags as well as vision enhancing vehicle cameras.

Many vehicles come with single airbags that are designed to service individual drivers or passengers. While these types of airbags are important, the Ford Transit Passenger Van take these to the next level with its specialized Safety Canopy System. This system includes side curtain airbags that run completely down the length of the vehicle. Thus, no matter where passengers are sitting, they are protected in the event of accidents.

In addition to measures that actively fight the forces of impacts, the 2019 Transit Passenger Van also includes camera systems that help drivers to avoid collisions in the first place. For example, this vehicle comes with a standard rearview video system that kicks into play as soon as drivers put their transmissions in the reverse setting. This system sends the pictures directly to the rearview mirror which makes it easy for drivers to naturally keep their eyes on what is going on.

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