Be Wise With the Energy of the 2019 Ford EcoSport

The 2019 Ford EcoSport is one vehicle that is designed with the purpose of showing off its capabilities. This is why we at Scott Peterson Motors of Sturgis LLC are so eager to point out all of the features that come with this vehicle and how it makes everything a little more convenient for drivers and passengers.

The Ford EcoSport has the ability to conserve its energy with features such as start and stop technology. Whenever you come to a stop, the vehicle shuts off the engine until you remove the foot from the brakes to the gas pedal. Then it starts back up seamlessly so that you can get moving.

Another feature that makes the Ford EcoSport smart with its energy and fuel consumption is the EcoBoost engine. The 1.0L EcoBoost engine is a standard feature of the EcoSport. This engine is a well-proven performer. This makes the Ford EcoSport an agile and efficient vehicle.

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