Engage Your Senses In the 2019 Ford Edge ST

The 2019 Ford Edge ST is a beast of a vehicle. This phenomenal SUV is the performance-enhanced trim of the standard Ford Edge. All of the same goodies will be carried over from the standard model, but the ST has been incorporated with extra high-performance gadgets.

To start things off, drivers will receive a more engaging ride thanks to the available Active Noise Control technology. The SUV's engine will be heard much clearer while canceling out road noise. Sharper engine braking and an overall responsive feel will come from electronic throttle programming. Taking the corners will feel effortless. The available Sport Mode function will hold the gears at peak performance levels to match your driving environment. Intelligent all-wheel drive will also provide the right amount of traction per wheel if there's a loss of road grip.

If you want to experience the 2019 Ford Edge ST, then we'll surely provide a test drive, but you'll need to come and see us as soon as possible.

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